1. Pricing

Prices are available on request, you can either call us at (04) 442661 or any of the other numbers available below or send us an email.

2. Delivery Time

Metro-sol endeavors to make prompt deliveries of all confirmed orders relative to the terms and conditions of each contract.

3. Technical Support

After sales service and support is of great importance and key to the success and survival of our business. Warranty is dependent on the various vendors’ terms and conditions.

4. Payment Terms

Our standard payments terms are 14 days from date of delivery unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon.

  • All goods remain the property of Metro-Sol P/L until fully paid for.
  • Payment is strictly COD unless arranged otherwise in advance, with management.
  • Returned goods will attract a handling fee of 10%
  • All goods returned must be in original condition, with all original packaging & software.
  • Products that have been used, are not in original packed condition, or started up may not be returned.
  • Warranty is not valid if the products have been affected by lightning, physical damage, or a power surge.
  • Goods brought in under warranty will take a minimum of 14 working days to replace.
  • Goods under warranty that can be repaired, will not be replaced.
  • Software and Power supplies carry no warranty.
  • Metro-Sol P/L will not be held responsible for any data loss on machines under warranty.
  • Products that are not in “brand new” condition cannot be replaced under warranty unless they cannot be repaired.
  • Metro-Sol P/L is under no obligation to supply a temporary replacement for goods under warranty.
  • If payment is not made within 48 hours from date of invoice, Metro-Sol P/L reserves the right to declare the amount invalid and alter the amount owed. Metro-Sol P/L has full authority to repossess property of the Customer and or the directors of the Customer/Company that have not made payment on an invoice, or hold stock on credit/consignment.
  • Any signatory representing the Customer/Company, entails full agreement to the Terms and Conditions above.
  • Prices are inclusive of 15% VAT, all prices are in US DOLLARS
  • All payments to be made in US DOLLARS unless prior arrangements have been made with management.